Projector lift


Price - $3,000.00

Automatic Projector Lift

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Elevate Your Experience with Our Projector Lifts!

Our top-notch projector lifts are the perfect solution whether you’re upgrading your setup or looking to discreetly store your projector when it’s not in use.

These cutting-edge lifts are designed for simple installation and come complete with integrated HDMI and Power cables. You’ll have total command over your projector’s positioning and functionality with the RS485 control and a user-friendly remote.

What makes our projector lifts truly exceptional is that the lifts drop a total of 15′ and 100 lbs weight capacity. Not to mention their seamless integration with our projector enclosures (integrator series, and hush). This compatibility guarantees a harmonious and visually appealing setup, enriching your projection experience.

Elevate your presentations, gaming sessions, and more to a new level of convenience and sophistication. Order yours today and take your projection experience to the next level!