HomeLine Projector Enclosure

Price - $299.00

Weight:49 lbs
Dimensions:23.66 × 22.60 × 10.83 in

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Screen Solutions HomeLine Projector Enclosure, is an advanced solution designed to protect and enhance the performance of your projector. This limited-run enclosure features an innovative fan cooling system, making sure your projector stays at the right temperature for optimal functionality. Tailored for projectors with right-side lenses and dimensions smaller than 7.5″ tall, 16″ long, and a width of 20″ or less, offering a specialized accessory for your specific needs.

Equipped with a wired power cord, internal outlet, and internal breaker, this projector enclosure offers convenience and functionality in one neat package. The addition of a temperature-controlled cooling system takes protection to the next level by regulating the internal temperature, safeguarding your projector from potential overheating issues.

Built with durability in mind, the HomeLine enclosure is made from high-quality steel, ensuring a strong and long-lasting solution for your projector’s safety. The all-steel construction not only adds to the enclosure’s sturdiness but also provides a customizable canvas for those looking to personalize their setup.

Whether you’re a professional setting up a presentation or a home entertainment enthusiast, the HomeLine Projector Enclosure offers a reliable and dependable safeguard for your valuable equipment. Say goodbye to worries about environmental factors affecting your projector’s performance—this enclosure is designed to protect your projector, allowing you to focus on delivering stunning visuals without worry.

Invest in the HomeLine Projector Enclosure for a hassle-free and secure solution, combining advanced cooling technology, durable construction, and customization options in one neat and functional package. Elevate your projector experience with the peace of mind that comes with top-notch protection.

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