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Projection Enclosures: Protecting Your Investment


When it comes to projectors, safeguarding your investment is crucial. Whether you’re using projectors indoors or outdoors, projection enclosures play a vital role in ensuring longevity, performance, and security. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of projection enclosures, exploring their features, benefits, and various applications.

Topics Covered

  1. Understanding Projection Enclosures
    • What are projection enclosures?
    • Types of enclosures: Outdoor vs. indoor
    • Key features: Climate control, insulation, and security
  2. Climate-Controlled Solutions
    • The Defender Series: Outdoor climate-controlled enclosures
    • Insulation, air conditioning, and condensation control
    • Weatherproof cable pass-throughs
  3. Indoor Applications: Integrator and Hush Enclosures
    • Large projection windows for indoor use
    • Thermostatic cooling and easy mounting
    • Noise reduction with hush enclosures
  4. Ultra-Short Throw (UST) Enclosures
    • Tailored for short-throw projectors
    • Space-saving design and enhanced security
  5. Choosing the Right Enclosure
    • Factors to consider
    • Customization options


Projection enclosures are more than protective housings; they are essential components for optimizing your projection system’s performance. Whether you need climate control, noise reduction, or security, investing in the right enclosure ensures your equipment’s longevity and reliability. Explore the options, assess your requirements, and elevate your projection experience with the perfect enclosure!

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